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Technical Films

TC Transcontinental offers a wide range of high quality technically engineered films and materials to service food manufactures needs and consumer goods.

A wide variety of highly engineered specialty films allows a comprehensive solution to increase shelf life and maintain freshness of a wide variety of food products such as fresh fruit and bakery products and snacks.

By using the companies experience in film lamination and the delivery of high-end graphics through some of the latest in printing solutions allows TC Transcontinental Packaging to achieve a comprehensive offer. We print and laminate a wide variety of hard films specifically engineered for customer needs.

These include:

  • PET
  • Coated PET
  • BOPP
  • Matt BOPP
  • CPP
  • Metalized CPP

These specialty films are used to delivery printed laminated films for confectionery, spices, snack foods and bakery products. Solutions are also offered for bottom web thermoforming films used for packaging food products that require high barrier web and puncture resistance.