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At TC, we know that the quality of products can be based on the functionality and appearance of the packed items.

We offer solutions for industrial packaging items used to wrap or protect industrial manufactured and warehoused goods from the elements. We offer tried and tested products and quality printing solutions to ensure the packaging you require meets your requirements. We have a wide range of plain items available from stock and we can customise product to order to meet specific customer requirements.

An example of the industrial products which we supply include:

  • Timber wrap
  • Slip sheets
  • Dust protectors
  • Courier packaging
  • Carton liners
  • Rubbish and Waste liners
  • Industrial point of sale solutions for nuts and bolts

What We Can Supply

Timber Wrap

As part of our Global commitment toward a Circular Economy of Plastics and in line with the Governments initiative toward product stewardship, Transcontinental New Zealand are proud to announce our Renew ™ blend for timber wrap made from a specific blended recycled New Zealand polyethylene resin.

Waste Management

Transcontinental Packaging has a long history of supply to municipal councils for rubbish collection systems, supermarkets for retail packs of rubbish bags for domestic use, and all types of bags and films for safe, hygienic, reliable rubbish wand waste disposal.

Heavy Duty

TC has significant extrusion expertise to be able to consistently produce high performance packaging as a form of protection in industries such as insulations, asbestis removal, waste management and equipment protection.

Courier Services

Transcontinental works with some of the largest courier companies in New Zealand and can offer a traditional courier satchel, to satchels made with recycled materials. Additionally we source paper and board courier bags from our extensive overseas supply network. TC offers automatic labelling in our manufacturing facility in Christchurch for ticketted satchels requirements.