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We blend art, science and technology to create the optimal sustainable solution for your packaging.

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Take a step to contribute to a better environment by creating a responsible end-of-life solution for your flexible packaging.

As committed manufacturers and wholesalers of flexible packaging, TC New Zealand are proud to offer products made from recycled materials as part of our sustainable offering to the market.

TC Transcontinental Packaging New Zealand is a local manufacturer and provider of flexible packaging with a 30 year history of operating in New Zealand. TC Transcontinental Packaging share the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s commitment toward a circular economy of plastics by 2025 and invests 1% of global packaging revenues to support sustainable product development initiatives to actively meet these goals.

TC Transcontinental is a supplier of soft-plastics and paper packaging. We are on a mission to provide solutions that reduce the need of packaging, may be reused and recycled.

We are working toward ensuring 40% of our finished product is derived from non-fossil fuel resources. These resources include paper, Green PE™ and recycled content. TC Transcontinental has recycle over 300 tonnes of LDPE waste in the last year. We expect this amount will increase as cleaner waste becomes available and we work to collaborate with our customers to create more market opportunities for this resource.

For more information on the right sustainable option for you and your business, please contact us today.

We’re very mindful at Transcontinental Australasia of our responsibility to leave a minimal footprint on our environment. That’s why we’re committed to developing alternate packaging products to standard fossil fuel based PE. We’ve extensively trialled non-petroleum based resins (Green PE), and also developed several products using pre-consumer recycled plastic and are trialling clean sources of post-consumer recycled plastics to add to our product portfolio. In addition, we are launching and expanding our paper range for customers who now have a preference for non-plastic packaging.